Before Madame 9 will verify you, we MUST speak which means you will need to Email Me, not text me! Strange Folks try to set up meetings via pure email, just strange.
Please DO NOT EVER TEXT ME FOR ANYTHING. Toadies text..don't be a Toad
I need to feel comfortable meeting with you. And it is your responsibility to do this… if you wait until the last minute, you WILL NOT see Me.
We will meet to say hi in a public setting prior to our main consultation, so you can feel secure knowing you have the opportunity to meet and SEE Me first. This is explained on
My Tributes page.
I will ask for your personal info and your references.
References require:

  • your FULL name
  • phone
  • email
  • website URL of any references
References need to be aware that I will be contacting them.I do not do your homework for you.