Reviews are nothing but fantasy stories written by story tellers, some of which are paid…
Make your own decisions based on your own opinions, if you cannot make your own decisions based upon your own thought processes I am at a loss to be of any help to you.

I receive a few of these solicitations a year…
This I received on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 at 10:41 PM and I wanted to share this with everyone….

This a email I received…

" Hello, Saw your ad online and wanted to tell you that you look beautiful. I want to give you best reviews out there with top rankings. My approach is proven to help you make more money, attracting new clients, by Sharing positive experiences. Placing you above the competition. Little bit about my service - I write TER and Eccie reviews. We never have to actually meet, That’s it! The stories I write are full-detailed and believable. I will write my own, or about anything you’d like - short encounter, you and a friend, multi-hour/overnight, getaway, etc… It is totally up to you! Will do as many as you want from various profiles. You can even write your own and I will post it for you. I charge $100 for 1 or 2 for $175.
and $75 for each additional.   Paid via Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum only.
I also offer you an additional 20% off for any providers you refer to me.

If you want to have more clients, increase your ranking and get then best reviews out there, e-mail me now.  

Don’t wait this rare opportunity won’t be here much longer.

I am also available by phone to answer any questions you may have.   

Best regards,
Your Personal TER Slave

p.s. I am not affiliated in any way with TER, this is 100% discreet and confidential. I appreciate your discretion as well. Thank you. "

That is where reviews can come from. Everyone is an Entrepreneur nowadays and writing reviews IS a business.