Due to recent changes in legal policy regarding internet site content and not knowing where we as a country are going with the current Evangelical Nutcase Policy slant, Certain parts of this site are gone, censored.

My site is encrypted please go to
instead of http://

Now for the fun stuff….
Welcome to My site if you are looking for a Escort, GFE or a Milf you are in the wrong place. I am about Fantasy and Fetish and Role Play Coaching, Guidance and Consulting. If you are in a rush this is the wrong place… I am only for The wise Adventurer, the one who plans the journey and does the research.

Please Read at LEAST this Page and Madame9's
tribute page prior to Contacting Madame9.
Screening is MANDATORY.
Meeting in public prior to private consultation is Mandatory.

I do not consult with everyone, before I will consider a private consultation we will have a public meeting or interview. This is explained on my tribute page.

If MY mask bothers you, I promise I will not greet you at the local coffee shoppe or restaurant with My mask on, I will be wearing a full leather cat suit with whips and chains but not the mask… That is a joke, a bit more hard core than I would present Myself in public. I truly dislike always having to blur My face. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and I have beautiful eyes… so why blur them all the time when you have a cool spandex mask…

You are here for some reason, you decided who to click on, and you might have clicked on My masked face or shoe(s) so you must be somewhat of a unruly and or sissy boy or at least a very curious one who needs guidance and training to serve or to be guided trained and corrected. If you are looking for a MilF GiLF or sex please sling your hook somewhere else.

Enjoy the site,
Goddess Madame9


I am really comfortable in the realm of Role Play and I have a predilection for Auntie/Mommy/ Teacher role play guidance and consulting. I majored in Psychology and minored in Drama in college, with that in mind I consider Myself quite proficient in the Art of Role Play.
I am very proficient in discipling naughty boys I can be very stern and deliver a very nice powerful sting or maybe not so powerful. I have an assortment of impact play tools and techniques such as Caning, Over the Knee Spanking, leather straps, paddles, and floggers. I had, like 10 maybe 15 tennis lessons as a kid in jersey, which makes Me an expert in My delivery of a good bottom spanking and I can also do back handed paddling, one would not want to tire out the wrist.
I adore lingerie, nylons, and pantyhose. There is no tactile substitute for quality nylons, pantyhose or a full fashion stockings. I have girdles and garters like your Aunt’s or your childhood baby sitter, or the “lingerie picture” that is stuck in your mind from the Sears catalog.  I always have the most wonderful and luxurious lingerie to play in. I also have lingerie for you, if you so desire.
Consultations page I go into depth about My skills, likes and “no likes” ( needs to be said with a sexy Spanish accent)……

I am Amazing when it comes to Aromatherapy, I was truly blessed, more about that on
Consultations page.


My Philosophy:
Number one concept…
This is the Golden rule…
I am a Goddess, you are My subie.
you need to meet My requirements
Communication is the essential and showing you have reading skills is very impressive.


I tailor your consultation to what you have told Me about you.I try to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for you, if you start Totally topping from the bottom or changing the scenario around, I will allow you to steer your own boat to some extent, I like to observe where you will go with the consultation, gives Me insight into you. Chances are quite good, excellent in fact that you are a total control freak and very successful in your career and this is "your time" and for some, olde habits are hard to break, being in total control is WHO you are! Which brings us back to communication…


For those with experience…..I have a solid core training in the discipline of BDSM because edgy play has always intrigued Me. I have attended classes, conventions, been mentored by Lifestyle Masters and Mistress. I do not call Myself a Mistress any longer because I have not been awarded that title by the Leather BDSM World. I take this seriously, I have lifestyle friends and acquaintances who are true Masters and Mistresses and have earned that title through their years of dedicated service. No one likes to look like a Poser at the yearly Leather Daddy and Power Exchange Convention.

Got Faux Fur fetish…


Me in a nutshell… I am Olde as Sin in the Kingdom of Eros but not in life. I am in My 50's, I think I am damn Fabulous with some minor Flaws…… I am in my bloody 50's I better have some flaws. I have a wicked and devilish sense of humour, and I excel at consulting about correcting naughty behavior, kinky world issues and training …
Personality wise, I go to My own beat… and I speak My mind, sometimes too loudly.I am originally from New Jersey, we can't help ourselves…
I am at a point in My life where I am able to pick and choose My friends, I am very picky and I expect you to have some knowledge of what I require from you prior to calling. As a general rule I do not consult with those under 40, unless you can prove you are an olde soul and impress Madame9 during our initial interview. I am well educated and have a Bachelor of Science degree. I read newspapers, magazines, and books…yes I read things that come in print! And I can read and write cursive script while chewing gum….lol
I am a Marvelous Benevolent Bitch unless you butt in front of Me in the deli line.

Almost every photo on My site was taken by Me, of Me, this entire site is of My making.

It is so very hard to described one's physical self but here we go...
I am gorgeous according to My Mom and My friends, you definitely will not be disappointed.
Physically...I DO NOT misrepresent My age or body size…. We both have better things to do than waste each others time. I am who I say I am. I am in My mid 50's ....Really! Which translates to 46 in this realm. My weight and measurements are spot on. I work out daily and I am not carrying a BIG BOY BREAKFAST around My belly and hips…
130-134 pounds
8-10 dress size 
7.5/8/8.5 shoe size depends on Designer
My measurements are 32E–29-39. 
Lingerie and stocking size Medium or maybe large
I have had no facial plastic surgery and no lip fillers, that stuff that makes one appear to have butt checks for lips.
I naturally have high cheek bones and Hazel natural cats eyes, really fantastic facial features. Thanks Mom and Dad!
I have a flat tummy, strong arms and strong thighs. I did have a bit of help in the boob department from a great doctor. I love the 1950-60 silhouette of a woman and decided to get enhanced to complete the look, like any fine piece of art it all works in concert.
I am recklessly hot but never over the top in Public, our business is our business and not the worlds.

I have a very deep sultry voice. I sometimes sound like one of Marge Simpsons sisters, hey it is a Jersey Florida accent, do not let that throw you, I do not look like I sometimes sound,Yo dude…JERSEY LOL!

No tattoos or strange piercings, although I do have a diamond in my belly button…

I try to update My site when I bloody feel like it with photos I am personally taking, I know some of them are campy but it is MY site and they reflect My personality...I do not photoshop My photos to reduce My body just to make the photos more campy and artsy fartsy....


I am in a unique niche, and I know it because I put Myself in this niche through training and a desire to bring fantasy to life. What got Me here is a true love of Feet, Shoes, Nylons, Lingerie, and 1950-60 Sci Fi and B movie Heroines.And most of ALL a love of Control, of Ownership and a fondness for big boys in pantyhose and garters with flowing nighties…
I will not hurt you. Unless you want me to “
nudge, nudge, wink, wink”.
We will take this where you want, and it will be at your own pace, if you have the time to dedicate. Communication along with solid coaching will make you the slut or subie you have always dreamed of being but you must communicate with Goddess.