Welcome to My site. This is My general info page.
Life is somewhat back to normal for those that have the vaccine, so folks we are Training again
If you are looking for a Escort for an hour or two you are in the wrong place. Although I am available to accompany you to dinner, a show, or other public events.
I am about you finding your inner sissy, your inner slut. your submissive side.
I am about Female Dominance and Control. This includes but is not limited to FemDom, Fantasy, Fetish and Role Play and sometimes lots of sissy play and cross dressing.
This is all accomplished through Coaching, Guidance, Consulting and some humour along the journey.
I am only for the wise mature adventurer, the man who plans the journey and does his research and is willing to put some time into the journey. This is My hobby not My life, you need to meet My standards and be the type of person whom I am intrigued by, not everyone makes the cut. I expect you to respect Me and My rules.
Screening is MANDATORY.
Meeting in public prior to private consultation is Mandatory.


I am at a point in My life where I am able to pick and choose My friends, I am very picky and I expect you to have some knowledge of what I require from you prior to you calling or emailing Madame. That is expected and required from you is explained on My Setting Up a meeting Page.
As a general rule I do not consult with those under 40, unless you can prove you are an olde soul and impress Madame9 during our initial interview. This should go without saying, but just incase Please Read My site prior to making contact with Madame 9.


It is so very hard to described one's physical self but I will I am a Mature Goddess.
I DO NOT misrepresent My age or body size. We both have better things to do than waste each others time. I am who I say I am. I am in My late 50's ....I have a very deep sultry voice and a sarcastic sense of humour. I read print newspapers and I avoid social media. I believe in discretion.
130-134 pounds
8-10 dress size 
7.5/8 shoe size depends on Designer.
My measurements are 32E–29-39. 
Lingerie and stocking size medium or maybe large based on aforementioned measurements.
I have had no facial plastic surgery and no lip fillers.
No tattoos or strange piercings, although I do have a diamond in my belly button…
I did have a bit of help in the boob department. I love the 1950-60 silhouette of a woman and decided to get enhanced to complete the look, like any fine piece of art it all works in concert.