Naughty Boys who need to be spanked, Foot Sluts, OlFactory Fetish and Business Men wearing garters and hosiery you have found a home.


I pride Myself on My diverse training and Safe, Sane, Consensual and bloody Discreet Discipline.  I am well seasoned in most aspects of BDSM and life. When it comes to safety I check My ego at the door. What I need from you is your honesty on how much you want to be pushed. I took several years off, during that time I  studied the craft of BDSM I can be a real Devilish Domina, a Bitch of a FemDom , or one who knows Her way around a good game of edgy play. I excel at specialized role plays which can be mild to extreme, My repertoire is varied from Mommy/Auntie/ Bitchy Boss to Interrogation, I am like the Wally World of Mature Kinky. No sex.
I have a vast assortment of BDSM tools, bondage gear, rudimentary mummification equipment , I can bound you down or shackle you. I have lots of tools for boys in need of discipline . I have all types of
paddles and straps that will remind you of the old days. I also have canes, and YES I do know how to use them. I can dish out some tasty Corporal Punishment or just a good old fashioned OTK spanking without too many marks. If you are concerned please buy some Arnica pills prior so you don’t bruise. The spray is great to have around along with the pills.

I have a vast assortment of vintage style lingerie, nylons, clothing, and shoes. This is what really gets Me going, it is all so visual. I love superb nylons and shoes, I have quite a foot, shoe and nylon fetish Myself, nothing feels like Wolford's or full fashion non stretch nylons from Agent Provocateur or Secrets in Lace. When it comes to pantyhose I am well versed in the art of Fatal 15 and 50. Right now am having a love affair with Christian Dior Shoes size 8. Although I do not offer Medical Play, I do Have a real 1950-60 Nurse’s outfit  with the hat just like on
Dr. Kildare and cool white Monolo pumps. It is all about the visual.
I have varied outfits for
cross dressers and sissy maids including wigs, shoes, lingerie (soft silky stuff). I will also hold clothing for you. I adore My cross dressers, LIVE IT!

your Madame loves to be worshipped, I love to be pampered, who doesn’t? Maybe you can bathe Madame 9.


Aromatherapy I am amazing, I have a special most wonderful body smell, I did not decide this, I have been repeatedly told this throughout the years, this is a specialty.This is truly My sport for which I was blessed with an incredible wonderful smell. I eat mostly organic, do not smoke cigarettes or drink. I smell so damn good, I love to smell Me, so I get it, I really do. Smelly feet I get it, this speciality does require a deposit if you make it complicated and is only available during warm weather months. I do charge extra in certain circumstances.


I tailor your consultation to what you have told Me about you, sometimes it takes a few consultations to build the fantasy to where you have always wanted your fantasy to go, sometimes due to nerves, jet lag, and or the inability to communicate one's thoughts in a cohesive way scenarios do not go as smoothly or as mind blowing as you imagined. I do not claim to be 30 and to be able to shoot rockets out of My ears… If you are uptight i.e. non communicative or too many ideas are flowing out of you that nothing makes sense, it reflects in My ability to comprehend what you want. Two folks need to participate in this consultation without confusing directions or too many directions, I am not a video game. I do appreciate when My sub/My sweet boy/My incompetent office boy provides Me with a some form of a scenario, but not when you act like a child hopped up on pixie sticks. Those of you that know this is you to a T, I gotcha you and I can handle your jumping from scene to scene but be advised I will sometimes reel you back in after you spin out, other times I like to watch the " topping subie" crash into the wall with too many thoughts and no path. For those of you that are thinking THAT IS me, that is me! I gotcha, just give me 2-3 consultations to get you all reined in. We both know you are a control freak who needs to be dominated but finds letting go very difficult.


Intense Pain sluts…I want to make it perfectly clear I do not purport to be a Stern Evil Sadistic Dominatrix from the get go (I gotta get warmed up to you, learn your boundaries) If you want Me to go total Sadistic Dom on you we will have at least two/three consultation, building to that. If you present yourself to Me as a sub or naughty school boy who needs a stern caning, OTK spanking or paddling that is fine and can be accomplished in our first time consultation.

Yearly I try to attend a BDSM weekend in South Florida to learn new techniques and maintain and sharpen My BDSM skills. To that event I ALWAYS invite a favorite slave or two, which offers a lucky slut the chance to escape his normal life for a weekend or night and to be the slut slave he has always wanted to be in a safe environment. In his own room, too much togetherness is never good….



you wanna buy Me a gift !!!! how sweet of you

Please no Secret in Lace GC's. I will and do wear their stockings but that is all that fits me properly, their lingerie is cut for larger proportioned folks. I am a size small in their stockings, not sure about their pantyhose. I am a medium in Wolford stockings.

I have a full length leather coat, catsuit with zippers, lots of boots and one pair of latex boots... no latex outfits. To travel with the leather suit or boots you will provide a good faith deposit unless they are part of that tours Consultation Outfit. Please do not call and be shocked that I do not have leathers, boots, chains, whips, furs and My pet elephant with Me.

Madame9 no longer owns any latex except one pair of thigh hi Latex boots which could fall apart at any moment, it is most uncomfortable material in the world other than burlap, and very hard to maintain, but if you insist I will wear it for you. you buy.

I have no problems consulting with newbies but you need some idea of direction. I do not play guessing games.

I am couple/female friendly and will provide guidance and mentoring, I am not bisexual, I am into FemDom. If you are inquiring regarding your 25 year old girlfriend needing submissive mentoring and your 67, this is not My scene but if you want mentoring on Her Dominating you and she is 25 and your 67 I am very cool on that. All couples require a dinner/lunch initial meeting with both individuals being there, no surprises.

Extreme role plays that need to be planned and researched require a non refundable deposit to ensure that there is no blowing of smoke up My Ass syndrome. At this point I am not trained in Single Tail/Sounds/Branding, so I am unable to provide such sport. If you want to bank role Me in being trained in Single Tail I have no problem with that. Just hope I don't poke My eye out. I will need safety googles.